Don’t Waste Time On Negativity

How often do you encounter negativity?  Probably more times than you can imagine.  The things we go through in life, situations on our jobs and the people that we encounter on a daily basis can bring much negativity into our lives.  Have you ever been in a great mood and you began to talk to someone and that person starts to complain, say negative things and overall just have a bad attitude and the whole conversation gets totally depressing?  Now guess what?  You are no longer happy and your great mood has been shattered.  Keep in mind, you are not in a bad mood because of you.  You are in a depressing mood because you were in the company of negativity.  When you began to sense negativity around you, try to remove yourself from it if possible.  Now, there will be times when we are stuck there, so what do you do?  Try to change the subject to something more positive.  I now that you have heard that old saying, “Misery loves Company” and that is true.  Negativity steals our joy and puts us in a doubtful state of mine.  You can’t see the good in nothing.  I’m just asking, who would want to be entwined in negativity constantly?  We have to learn how to inspire ourselves and sometimes others to avoid ongoing negativity.

Share your story of a negative issue and what you did to turn it around to a positive.


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