Why Is Self Esteem Important?

Self Esteem is a vital part of your life.  Everyone has self-esteem of some form.  In my opinion, self-esteem is having or not having confidence in yourself.  It is an overall feeling about yourself.  If you are not satisfied with yourself, it is a possibility that you may develop low self-esteem.

Reasons for Low Self Esteem

  • Dissatisfaction in one’s self
  • No self-worthiness
  • Lack of confidence
  • Negative beliefs in yourself
  • Lack of assertiveness

Reasons for High Self Esteem

  • Confident
  • Assertiveness
  • Love yourself
  • Accepting who you are

If you have high self-esteem about yourself, you probably do not have too many issues in that area.  I want to focus on Low Self Esteem and how a person can raise their level of low self-esteem.

Self Acceptance

When you think of self-acceptance, what comes to your mind?  Accepting yourself right?  Well, it’s a little more than that.  It is accepting every aspect of you.  This may include color, shape of body, weight, height gender and character to name a few.  You have to understand that self-acceptance is a vital factor in raising self-esteem.  Love yourself for who you are right now at this moment.  Never compare yourself to another person.  You are unique and remember that.  You are a special someone.  No matter what others say about you, their thoughts are irrelevant to you.  Your thoughts are the relevant ones and the ones that matter. Start loving who you are as you are.  Take a long good look at yourself in the mirror.  Start accepting who you are on the outside so that you can begin to feel good on the inside.  This is your first step to raising your Self Esteem. Accepting who you are, appreciating who you are, loving yourself and most of all, stop listening to negative comments from others about yourself.

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