Entrepreneurship: Operating the Business Alone

By Vernida Johnson


Having your own business can be adventurous and at times, it can become overwhelming, especially when you are doing everything for the business alone. There are many positions that need to be filled such as a Public Relations person for marketing; Secretary to keep up with schedules, bookings, tasks, answering phones; Accountant to report the financial outlook on the business and so many other positions but guess who has to do all of this work? That’s right, you do when you are operating alone.

So you are probably wondering how you are going to operate your business alone with so much to be done. The key to conquer this is to keep a positive a mindset and schedule the days to work each position that you may need to operate your business. For example, if there is marketing to be done, schedule a designated day of the week to market your business. Designate certain days of the week to perform the various duties of your business.


This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and keep the flow of your business organized.

Sometimes being in charge of every aspect of your business could be a great thing because you are in the know at all times. You will have hands on and insight of every business detail. It is fine to wear all the hats. It will give you the chance to build your business from the bottom to the top and it will give the knowledge of how to operate the business the way you feel it should be. Make this a fun task. Keep a positive attitude and build your business


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